Wow – this Kickstarter campaign has been an amazing way to get the word out on Je Suis Superhero. Now, IndieWire has a story on the documentary.

Kickstart This: New Documentary Uses Comics to Explore Stereotypes

A worthwhile Kickstarter campaign that could use your contributions… It’s already passed its base goal as you can see below, of $12,000. with a total thus far of $16,000. But the ultimate goal of the filmmakers is to raise as much as $65,000 (although not necessarily all at once), to not only complete the film, but also to market it, tour the film festival circuit and an eventual commercial release. So their next goal after meeting the first one, is now at $35,000.

So take a look at the sales pitch and video below, and if you’re sold, visit the project’s Kickstarter page to make a contribution.

Here is the post straight on Indiewire.