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Kaur Films is the brainchild of Harleen

Kaur Films is a creative house based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to imagine, create and inspire diversity of thought. Our principle purpose is to produce international films that foster new thoughts and ideas that showcase stories of strength and resilience.

Kaur Films also provides a platform for several artists from all creative fields to come together and collaborate. In doing so, we have championed various initiatives such as podcasts, short videos and documentary films. We have undertaken several short projects for Non Profit Organizations that are driven by passion.

We recently completed an edge of the seat documentary - Good Luck Júlia. Set against the backdrop of COVID19 , the story is about a father who must bring Júlia, his teenage daughter back home to Barcelona before she is stranded in India indefinitely. The documentary showcases how different communities - irrespective of caste, creed, region, religion, language or borders, came together to help a child reunite with her family. Its a real world example of Na Ko Bairi Nahi Begana | ਨਾ ਕੋ ਬੈਰੀ ਨਹੀ ਬਿਗਾਨਾ. It's also about trust, friendship and resilience.

Our documentary Drawn Together: Comics, Diversity and Stereotypes traces the fascinating journey of three comic creators who challenge the notion of race, appearance, and gender stereotypes through cartoons, comics and cosplay. It was selected in over 52 International Film Festivals worldwide and won 9 awards including "Best Documentary", "Freedom Award" and "Jason D Mak award for Social Justice". It was also screened in over 100 educational institutions and was showcased on PBS.

Our first documentary production "The Odd Couple" was screened at 10 film festivals across the world including the United Nations Association Film Festival and was specially invited to be a part of The Parliament of World Religions, an exceptional honor. It is now available on Amazon Prime

Our Sikh History podcast series provide a fascinating look into the sparkling lives of the Sikhs from a never told before historical perspective. The 12 episodes have been heard and shared by people in 100+ countries across the world. The podcast is available on both iTunes and stitcher. We continue our quest to create the best content with exceptional talent and collaborations. Join us in our journey.

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NBC Interview

Harleen Singh is an award winning director and producer from the San Francisco Bay Area, CA who loves to inspire and educate others on overcoming challenges through arts and creativity. Here she is interviewed by Robert Handa of NBC Bay Area

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