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YOU can be a catalyst for positive change in your community by hosting a screening. Many community organizations, companies, schools, non profits, museums, colleges have organized screenings thus far and made a difference and you can too. The film taps into the explosion in the public’s appetite for superhero stories on television and in movies as a gateway to refocus common comic themes of doing good for the society and open a deeper and more inclusive social dialogue about identity, respect, and representation. By channeling questions about how we view ourselves and others through a creative medium, the viewer is able to confront prejudice and stereotype in a low-risk way. These discussions can have a lasting impact. We would love to work with you to hold an event for your community. Screenings are frequently sold out and they can even be used as a fundraiser. Drawn Together: Comics, Diversity and Stereotypes comes with promotional material and discussion guides so it’s easy to set up a screening. Its appropriate for adults and kids 10+ years.
Total run time - 52 mins