Tal Skloot @ Tritone Film

Tal Skloot is the editor for Kaur Films' Je Suis Superhero. Tal's feature length documentary film Freeway Philharmonic was broadcast nationally on PBS and toured the globe as part of the U.S. State Department/IDA sponsored American Documentary Showcase.

Satinder Kassoana

Satinder Kassoana is a an award winning filmmaker from Calgary, Canada. His French short film Bonjour Ji, won best film award in many international film festivals.

Joti Dhanjal

Joti Dhanjal is an artist born and raised in the UK, with experience in both classical and contemporary techniques including oil painting, airbrush, watercolour, graffiti and sculpture.

DS Creations

Darshan Singh is a Bradford based filmmaker and photographer who has produced a documentary film about the festival Hola Mahalla.

Pentacular Artist

Pentacular Artist - Raj Singh TattleRaj is a ‘Graphite and Charcoal’ pencil artist from London who specializes in creating ‘black and white’ realistic artwork.


Amandeep Singh, aka Inkquisitive, is a UK-based illustrator whose work ranges from great Sikh warriors to hip-hop legends to other artists.

Josh Kramer Comics

Josh Kramer is a cartoonist and journalist in Washington, DC. He studied journalism at American University’s School of Communications.

Jay Williams aka JasWho

Jay Williams is jAswhO? (pron. Jase hoo), a multifaceted musician, accomplished producer, innovative performer


Dealing with subjects ranging from discrimination to pop music and politics to Punjabi food, Sikh Park, the over-a-decade-old comic strip, offers a slice-of-life perspective on the quirks of the community while ensuring a gleeful comic element.


LittleSikhs.com is an interactive world for children of all ages: a place for fun, games, discovery, art, creativity and friendship. Our goal is to positively promote and carry on Sikh traditions, culture and religion through creative artwork, engaging educational materials and interactive learning experiences.

Kaur Life

Kaur Life is a space where Kaurs can express their ideas, share stories, and learn more about their Sikh culture to empower themselves. There are currently over 100 different authors and Lakhpreet invites everyone to contribute to Kaur Life

Prashant Sehgal & Phaltu Phillums

Prashant Sehgal is an award-winning Independent Filmmaker based out of Delhi, and has been actively involved in this field for over 6 years now. During this time, he has been a part of 14 Feature Films, and over 80 Short Films, Ad's and Documentaries

Art by Rupy

Rupy C. Tut is a San Francisco based visual artist exploring the themes of identity and displacement through her paintings. Rupy retains a strong connection to her Punjabi Sikh background and it continues ot inspire and guide her artwork.


Vishavjit Singh creates cartoons on a weekly basis that appear on his website, www.Sikhtoons.com. His work has been featured in museum exhibits, film festivals, youth retreats/camps and conferences.

SuperSikh Comics

Batman? Spiderman? Ironman? These are all characters imagined by mainstream American comic book writers, many of them created over 50 years ago. It's time to see a hero in a turban for a change. SuperSikh is a story about a Secret Agent named Deep Singh, who loves Elvis and hates bad guys.

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